Welcome to the Device Research Laboratory at UCLA. Our research vision is to investigate new ideas and to develop innovative methods that will continue to push the frontier and shape the future of nanoelectronics and information processing platforms. We aim to address the fundamental challenges and opportunities in this field, such as scaling, energy efficiency, functionality, integration and reliability. We also seek to discover new phenomena and principles that can enable novel devices and architectures for emerging applications such as quantum computing, neuromorphic computing and artificial intelligence.

Our main research areas are:

Topological Insulators: We study the properties and applications of topological insulators, a new class of materials that have insulating bulk but conducting surface states protected by time-reversal symmetry. We explore the potential of these materials for spintronics, quantum computing and optoelectronics.

Spintronics: We investigate the manipulation and detection of spin currents in various materials and structures, such as magnetic tunnel junctions, spin valves, spin Hall effect devices and spin torque oscillators. We exploit the interplay between spin, charge and heat transport for novel device concepts and functionalities.

Neuromorphics: We design and fabricate nanoscale devices and circuits that mimic the structure and function of biological neurons and synapses. We use these devices to implement neuromorphic computing systems that can perform complex tasks such as pattern recognition, learning and adaptation with low power consumption and high efficiency.

Magnetic AI: We develop magnetic devices and architectures that can perform artificial intelligence tasks such as inference and training using magnetic domain wall logic, magnetic skyrmions and magnetic random access memory. We leverage the non-volatility, scalability and parallelism of magnetic systems for energy-efficient and high-performance computing.

Our research is supported by several nation-wide centers: the Western Institute of Nanoelectronics (WIN), KACST/California Center of Excellence in Green Nanotechnology (KACST), for which Professor Kang L. Wang is the Director. Our research also benefits from excellent infrastructure support of the California NanoSystems Institute (C(n)SI).

We encourage you to find out more about us by taking some time to browse our site and learning more about our research, our members and their work as well as potential opportunities to work and collaborate with us. You will also find information on our facilities. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.